Facelift for the home: making over your exteriors

Having a busy life means it can be easy to neglect home exteriors. Life is mostly lived indoors, so it's often the case that more attention is paid to interior as opposed to exterior decoration.

It's a mistake to ignore the way the exterior of a home looks, because it can add so much to how residents experience and enjoy the property. Of course, it is also a crucial part of sealing a deal if a house is going to be put up for sale, in which case, potential buyers’ opinions count for a lot. When it comes to selling a home, much truth is in the saying that first impressions matter.

Poorly maintained homes with exteriors that look sad and dilapidated are not only depressing but they are also likely to repel potential purchasers. There are many simple ways to give a home an exterior makeover, and the property will be grateful for the facelift.

Front door and windows

The front door is usually the first thing people look at when coming to look around a home, but it's also something the homeowner will use every day. A drab front door can be lifted instantly by painting it. While wild colors, such as pink or orange may be personally appealing, a more neutral tone may be more sensible when selling. It should also be painted well – no drips or missed areas. 

Windows can look tired because they endure the elements, so making sure they are kept clean, or replaced if wood has begun to rot, will add much-needed sparkle to the home. Plantation shutters make an attractive addition for covering windows and have the added advantage that the amount of light that comes into the home can easily be controlled. In colder temperatures, they also provide additional insulating properties.

Gardens and landscaping

Green is good when, it comes to making an impression, and no matter the size of space available it's possible to make that open area into an appealing approach to the home. Small gardens can include concrete planters for added interest or a range of striking ceramic pots filled with greenery and flowers. Larger spaces allow the imagination to blossom, with flowerbeds packed with perennials, decorative shrubs, dwarf fruit trees and evergreens that are ideal for imaginative (perhaps initially experimental) topiary.

Walls and paths

The walls of the home need care as well, so if the pointing is wearing away on the brickwork, it should be re-pointed and if wood is looking scratched and peeled, it should be filled and painted. Paths and driveways need to be kept clear of leaves and in good repair – no one wants to trip on an awkwardly angled stone or put their foot into a hole that hasn't been filled.

It's not necessary to spend a fortune on doing an exterior makeover but it's worth keeping external features in good repair. If money is tight, small things can be done – new house numbers, fresh porch furniture and making sure that everything looks neat and tidy.

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