Cure Anxiety by Eating Foods

Most people know there are foods to avoid, but they do not know about foods to cure anxiety? There are several foods that may help to cure your anxiety symptoms. Healthy eating leads to healthy hormonal functioning, which leads to an improved sense of well-being. So the better you eat, the better your anxiety will be.

Here are some good food those may help to cure anxiety:
    Fresh Fruit – Fresh fruit is both delicious and nutritious. Lots of fruits have detoxifiers that help you get rid of various chemicals that keep you tense and anxious. Besides  that, they are packed with fibers and vitamins to keep you healthy and raring to go.

      Vegetables–Vegetables are arguably even more important, especially for those with anxiety. Vegetables are rich in fiber, and many of the vitamins that those with anxiety deplete regularly.

        Water –A good percentage of the population is regularly dehydrated because they do not drink nearly enough water. Dehydration nearly always leads to anxiety, so it is crucial that you consume enough water regularly.

            Tryptophan Rich Foods – Foods rich in tryptophan are very effective at reducing anxiety. They have a natural relaxation component, and may increase your metabolism as an added bonus. Oats, soy, poultry, and sesame seeds all have a fair amount of tryptophan.

                Magnesium Rich Foods – As much as 25% of the country or more is magnesium deficient, and magnesium plays a role in over 300 different processes within the body. It's a crucial vitamin that few people get, so magnesium rich foods like black beans and tofu are very important.

                    Omega-3 Fatty Acids – Omega-3 fatty acids in foods such as a walnuts, flax seeds and sea foods such as salmon and shrimp go a long way in relieving stress and reducing anxiety. Researchers have reported that individuals who feel depressed and stressed are usually lacking these foods.

                      Eating these foods aren't going to cure your anxiety, but they should reduce your anxiety symptoms and make it easier for an effective anxiety treatment to work. Eating healthy foods does have an effect on your ability to handle anxiety, so altering your diet to include better foods for anxiety is important.

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