Wonderful Ideas for a Bright Summer Living Room

Not everyone likes the winter, but if the season makes you miserable you can always look ahead to the summer. It's fun to change your home decor with the seasons, and summer gives you plenty of opportunities to create a sunny new look. During the winter, you can choose deep colors and lavish, soft fabrics, but when the weather starts to get warmer, it's time to get lighter and brighter. With all that sunshine, you should make the most of it. Your living room is where you and family spend a lot of time, so it makes sense to focus on it first. Redecorate in the spring, ready for summer, and you can add some warmer touches when fall comes around again.

Bright and Light Colors

In the summer, you don't want everything to be too dark and dreary. It's nice to be cozy and warm in the darker months, but not all year round. Although you might want to create a cool and shaded corner for when it gets too hot, you don't want things to be stuffy. When you're redecorating, focus on light shades and bright colors to set a summery feel. Whether you have large or small windows, the sunlight will come streaming in and bounce off the brightness of your new room. You could repaint or just add some new accessories and upholstery.

Outdoors Indoors

Summer is the time for being outdoors, so it's great when you can bring some of the outdoors in. If you have French doors or floor-to-ceiling windows, you're already in a perfect position to access the outside. Keep curtains pulled back and throw open the doors now and then to create a blurred space between the inside and outside. If you're not quite so lucky, you can still celebrate nature with some flowers and plants, as well as some floral motifs in your decor.

Under Your Feet

It's the perfect time to change what you do with your living room floor. Summer often leads to everyone walking around with no shoes on, so you get a much better feel for what's under your feet. Take a good look and consider your carpets and flooring to decide if you want to make a change. Carpets can be a bit too warm in the summer, so perhaps you would rather have a wooden floor or replace it with something else. You can have a cold surface in the summer and add some luxurious rugs when winter arrives.

Feeling the Heat

During the hottest season, you want to stay as fresh as possible. When you redecorate your living room, think about getting rid of anything that will cause you to overheat. Those faux-fur throws are lovely in winter, but too warm when the sun in shining. A minimal look will help the space to feel light and airy, and stop you feeling like you're suffocating when you're inside. Try to avoid plush furniture that you sink into in favor of comfortable but cool.

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