Sufficient natural light in 50 square meters- apartment

It is the design of Natalia Tsetsulina for a young married couple with a small child, trying to make the 50 square meters as efficient and comfortable as possible.

There are a lot of open spaces and sufficient natural light balanced with gray furniture pieces in the living area and enhanced through the addition of mirrors. The sofa in the lounge can become a guest bedroom and the coffee table here is a convertible as well since its colored layers can be lift off to give access to the hidden storage areas.
The neutral tones of the walls, wooden flooring and furniture pieces were complemented by the textures and tones of the rug and pillows for a more pleasant ambiance and the kitchen is in a compact area but it functions quite well. The walls contain a chalkboard paint and a dining table was also integrated here with a red chair mixed in with the black ones for a playful motif.

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