Inspired from the interior of a loft aparment in Milan, Italy

A factory had been transformed into a loft apartment in Milan, Italy. It was called the Twin Loft and was designed by the practice of Federico Delrosso Architects as a space with two structurally identical volumes that make the name of the project obvious. 
The twin lofts have a similar design of the interior spaces but the details such as the furnishings, materials or colors have an intertwining aesthetic that gives each volume its individuality.
The ground floor hosts the hallways with mirrors on the walls, an opening toward the private garden, the kitchen and a table with high seating. This level is connected with the upper one through a staircase and there is also a bathroom here.

The second floor hosts the bedrooms, wardrobe and bathroom and the top level has an attic which is designed as a guest room and there is also a wellness space with a private gym.
Each of these spaces has been designed to offer a similar but yet different interior so that the tables are placed on opposite sides, the staircases are imposing in one loft and subtle in the other one. The first floor of one loft offers a glass flooring to connect with the kitchen underneath while the other one offers glimpses of the shower and staircase of the ground floor.

Cool and young style from inteior design of a villa in Dubai

NAGA Architects had designed this private villa for the Sultan Mohammed Aqil Ali Hassan Al Zarooni and his family in 2011.
Located in Dubai, the project employs a cubist aesthetic and it is designed on an ordered system of rectangular planes and facets that create enough room for recessed balconies or some extruding areas to permit a better view of the surroundings while also extending the interior spaces. All the sides of the villa are surrounded by water features and swimming pools, either public or private ones, to maintain the interior temperature at a cool and pleasant temperature even if the house is in the desert climate.
The ground level uses articulated panels to increase the space and the segmented spaces have been turned into a large hall that acts as the main social space of the villa, appropriate for entertainment and gatherings. The first level hosts the private quarters and it gives access to an overhead walkway that offers a view of the ground floor spaces.

Arganzuela Footbridge designed by Dominique Perrault

Arganzuela Footbridge was constructed to offer access to the new Arganzuela park. This construction is amazing new piece of architecture from Madrid, located above the Manzanares River.
Dominique Perrault designed the bridge that looks like two conical shapes brought together and wrapped in metallic ribbons that seem to spiral down the structure.
The footbridge offers view of the well known Toledo Bridge and daylight and rain are captured with the use of screens installed on the footbridge. There were once two embankment roads that were removed to make way for the new Arganzuela Park and the footbridge acts like a link between the left and right bank of the river.
 The highest point of the bridge is represented by a small hill and the structure is made out of steel,being supported by two pillars on every end. The diameter of the bridge varies from 5 to 12 meters while the pedestrian bridge is 250 meters long. The pedestrian shade is offered by the metal screens that smeel to coil around the exterior.
The design of the structure is sustainable, allowing daylight and rain to fall over the park. The base of the footpath has wooden slats and the area is illuminated at night with the help of interior lighting. The work ended in April and the bridge and park are both favoured by locals in their walks.