Striking Design Ideas For Contemporary Townhouses

Visualizing the ideal townhouse is a difficult feat. Many modern marvels of design work well inside contemporary homes. When expert designers begin work on a new house, they often incorporate new trends and techniques. So, what is trendy right now in the world of interior design? Throughout 2014, we have seen some stunning styles come into play, as well as some innovative new features. If you are planning on remodeling your home, you may need a little inspiration. Here are some striking design ideas for contemporary townhouses.

Distressed wood

One of the biggest trends of the year happens to be wood. If you can get your hands on some gorgeous distressed wooden furniture pieces, you can create a stylish living area in your home. Dark wood gives houses a warm atmosphere, whilst light wood can look less attractive. Look for original designs, which use authentic material when you are shopping for new furniture. Pieces that incorporate Italian style designs always work well in houses. Remember to use wood sparingly. If you use too many styles of wood within your home, the impact could be a little overwhelming. Incorporate other materials into each room so that it is not too dark.

East Asian inspiration

East Asian inspired designs are also current, and so you should try to use them within your home. Beige patterns and exotic plants look fantastic as feature pieces within your home. You should consider using authentic Asian design pieces in your home so that it is unique and individual. Many Surrey townhomes use this design style to create fantastic living spaces. Take a look at some design examples so that you know what to look for when you start shopping.

Stone sculptures

You may have noticed that one of the biggest trends this year was bringing the great outdoors inside your home. Many top interior designers have used exterior plants and furniture as part of their interior designs. You should consider using some exciting stone sculptures within your home so that it looks raw and fresh. Take some inspiration from ancient art pieces and stone mosaics and treat yourself to a bespoke piece of art. Art of this nature makes excellent focal points in your townhouse.

Minimal features

If you have small rooms, with high ceilings, it is important that you use minimal design techniques. Modern design is all about decluttering areas and creating spacious living spaces. You should make sure that you use a few pastel colors in your decor so that the look is not overwhelming. When the base of your room is dull and neutral, you have a lot of scope to experiment with your furnishings and art.

Light and mirrors

If you are lucky enough to have large windows in your house, you can use them to create natural light throughout your home. If you don't have large windows, you will need to use mirrors to create the same effect. Ensure that you make the most of any natural light in your home. Daylight makes rooms look larger than they are. That means that your home will look spacious and contemporary. Use mirrors to reflect natural sunlight so that you can make more of it.

Dense patterns

When you have a neutral base in your home, you can afford to experiment with dense patterns. For example, if the walls of your house are plain and clean, you can use exciting art pieces on your walls. In the same way, if you have plain wooden floors, you can use bold, thick rugs to give your house some personality. Take some inspiration from different cultures when you decorate your house. African art, for example, is colorful and bold.

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