Modern and inviting private residence by Elias Rizo

Inviting, modern and sophisticated, the private residence featured here is known as an inspiring work of the gifted architect Elias Rizo. By cleverly using simple materials such as steel, glass, wood, concrete, and stone materials, the architect created the exquisite and imposing architecture. According to the architect, “The entry into the home is simple but deliberate. A large, heavy door separates the home from the street in its entirety, but even crossing this first threshold does not give access to the home. 

Instead, visitors must walk along the exterior of the building, along a pathway that flanks the interior pond, to finally reach the front door, which is actually closer to the back of the house. 

Even the garage has a clandestine element to it, keep cars hidden not only from the street, but from all interior angles as well.

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