The architectural design of st the St John Bosco Art College

Located in Croxteh, Liverpool, UK, the St John Bosco Art College was the architecture work designed by the BDP architectural practice in 2004.
With the capacity of up to 1100 persons and a single floor layout that combines the learning environments with social spaces for a more efficient and contemporary setting, this college campus received highly appreciate of architects.
The project is a secondary structure for the catholic girls’ school and has a layout of 91×55 meters with a sculptural landscape as the central core of the space. The budget for the art college was of 1043 pounds per square meter and the shape of the building managed to provide 15% more space that the traditional schools with added flexibility.
 The interior is colorful and the graphics help with the orientation as well as minimizing the circulation space for multiple functions due to the open environment. The central device is named “The Hill” and it creates several spaces that can be easily adapted for various purposes.

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