Tips for cleaning your wooden floor

Laminate wood floors are a classy addition to any modern home. They bring in a sense of elegance and beauty that is hard to match and since they are available in such wide shades and patterns, the choice is endless when it comes to picking flooring that accentuates the beauty of your existing interiors.
While a great laminate wooden floor amalgamates seamlessly with the décor and furnishings and sparkles with glee, one does need to maintain it in pristine fashion to ensure that the exquisiteness is not embellished by stains and dirt.
 Here are a few cleaning tips to get started, when it comes to the bare minimum —
  • Get started by using either a very soft broom to sweep away the dirt on top or a vacuum with soft brush settings, so as to ensure that there is no damage caused to the laminate floor.
  • Use a broom or a brush that is as delicate as possible as ones with harsh bristles can scratch and leave ugly marks over a period of time.
  • Once you are done with the removal of the dirt, use a mild laminate floor cleaner recommended by your laminate floor manufacturer or a soap solution to clean the floor.
  • Use a sponge or a micro-fiber mop to clean up the area and work small squares that you are comfortable with, one at a time. Remember that you should never leave moisture on the surface of the floor for too long. Hence it is best to work on small areas specifically.
  • If the floor is not completely dry, then use a dry mop to quickly soak up all the moisture. Always make sure that you clean in a single direction and never use a regular or harsh cleaning solution.
  • One of the most popular and effective homemade cleaning  solutions for laminate floors is a mixture of a bucketful of lukewarm water, 2 squirts of quality liquid detergent and half a cup of vinegar. Many experts vouch by this ‘magic solution’, so try it out on your own floor to see sparkling results.

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