Want Home With Great Lighting?

One of the characteristics of a healthy home is a home that has a near-perfect lighting, especially sunlight in the daytime, in addition to the windows and doors to ventilasi light or air, there are no less important than that is the skylights, the actual function of skylights not vary much with door or window.

However, the window must have been on the wall, while the skylights on the roof instead of tile. so when compared with the window will be optimal sunlight into the house from morning until late afternoon when using skylights, and not much different from other elements.

Skylight is also a solution to provide natural penghawaan, which is needed in a home. Because usually cover skylights made of Polycarbonate or glass should be given some sort of frame, which can be made of aluminum, the space between the cover and the concrete or existing roof can be spaced for air flow.

Usually skylights are made when the element is sufficient natural penghawaan in the house, because when natural penghawaan in your house is not sufficient, skylights should not be closed so that its presence can be a source of air in your home and the source of light. And usually in a state as well as the park was made into a park underneath that its presence in the house that can make you comfortable.

In designing a house, skylights is one solution that can be applied so that the house does not become stuffy without air and penghawaan, especially for poor spaces window.

But need to know if installing skylights can not sambarang place or roof. position or location skylights proper placement, it will provide the perfect lighting or heat, therefore we must understand the technique determines the position of the skylights.

For example Skylight faced towards the east could give maximum exposure in the morning, And sabaliknya Skylight directed to the west will get a light in the afternoon hari.apa when faced to the north, the effect appears strabil lighting and constant but the air in the room is always cold and cool. Perhaps for more details you can visit at here Sydney skylights, which might serve as a guide for the design of your home.

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