Amazing interior house designed in minimalism style

Many people think that a house designed in minimalism style will end up feeling cold or sparse. That is not true, these house, interior will prove that. These house is designed by the team at Free Interior. the cold while still staying but it just makes the house brighter and more attractive. The spaces each include warm color combinations, soft textures, and plenty of vibrant personality that allows for them to welcome guests and be habitable in a practical - but still beautiful - way.

The first home is located in Taipei that measures 2562 square feet (238 square meters). The two story home is quite spacious and manages to incorporate both sleek, Asian-inspired design and a bit of playful whimsy. This tongue-in-cheek style is immediately evident in the living room where, in lieu of a coffee table, we find a few hewn tree trunks on a grassy area rug, accompanied by a lemon-esque love seat. It’s the perfect place for children of any age to relax.

The next home spreads on 423 square feet (132 square meters) with two bedrooms. The simplicity is still immediately evident, but with more of a serious edge. Neutral tones pervade the space, with light fixture making their mark – like a modern answer to a chandelier that hangs from the vaulted dining room ceiling. A landing that overlooks the main living area below is glass, as is the railing up the side of the staircase. With the addition of a neon accent light in the kitchen, this home takes on a bit of 80s bachelor pad appeal. 

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