Comfort and style apartment in the central part of Stockholm, Sweden

Located in the central part of Stockholm in Sweden this apartment covers 340 square meters and spreads over two floors and each of them is tastefully designed to offer comfort and style by the hands of Bjorn and Marianne Aaro.

It has seven rooms; with a library, three bedrooms and a lounge at the second floor all of them offering the intimacy offered by the abundant use of wood along with cozy pieces of furniture. The first floor has the more public spaces such as the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen and storage space along with a master bedroom.
Several of the decorations were custom designed for this apartment making sure that it has as much originality as possible. The ceiling is dark-colored and the flooring uses exclusive Dineson planks of a light color to offer a contrast with it. On the upper level there are rough floor tiles that actually offer a harmony with the ceiling and not a contrast, giving each level its distinct design.

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