How to Clean a Bathtub in 5 Minutes

Cleaning a bathtub is one of the various household chores many people may feel lethargic about. However, if you plan to buy a beautiful bathtub you should learn the right technique to clean and take care of it. Realistically, it takes only about five minutes to get a sparkling clean bathtub. This article highlights important tips you need to know to clean your bathtub, quick and easy.

Determine the Type of Bathtub You Have

It is crucial to know what your bathtub is actually made of. This is mainly because certain cleaning methods may cause damage to specific kinds of bathtubs.

Most bathtubs are made of the following materials:

  • Porcelain: This material looks like stone and is considered extremely durable for sinks and bathtubs.
  • Enamel: This material is sensitive to bleach and drain cleaners. Commonly used in traditionally-styled, older bathtubs, its cleaning requires the use of exclusive, light materials.
  • Acrylic:This material resembles plastic. If yours is an acrylic bathtub, you should avoid the use of pumice stones.

How to Clean Porcelain Bathtubs

If you have got a porcelain bathtub, you can clean it easily by choosing one of the following cleaning techniques:

1. Make use of an abrasive powder.

2. If there are stains on the tub, pour some of this powder onto the stain. After this, add a bit of water.

3. Now, take a sponge and scrub around the same area where you applied the cleaning agent.

4. Check if the stains have vanished. If not, then use a pumice stone to clean those tough stains. However, make sure you NEVER use pumice stone on enamel or acrylic bathtub. Otherwise, this may cause starches to the tub.

How to Clean Enamel Bathtubs

1. Get a commercial cleaner that does not contain bleach. Once you have this, it will do the trick!

2. Your bathtub may contain the unseen residue of human oils. Get rid of this by pouring a few drops of shampoo onto the tub. Let it be there for five minutes and rinse.

3. If your enamel tubs have serious, stubborn stains caused by extreme deposits of grease, soap scum, and dirt, then mix one tablespoon of trisodium phosphates into the gallon of hot water. Use this mixture to clean the tub. Make sure you DO NOT combine this mixture with other bathroom cleaners.

4. If you have mistakenly used bleach to clean your enamel bathtub (bleach should never be used for cleaning enamel surfaces) and it has got bleach stains, then you can remove these stains by using hydrogen peroxide. A bottle of hydrogen peroxide should contain 3% peroxide.

How to Clean Acrylic Tubs

1. Wash your bathtub frequently as acrylic bathtubs require frequent washing as compared to other tubs. It is appropriate to give it a proper wash on a weekly basis. To do this, use dish washing liquid with adequate hot water.

2. If you are going out from your home and want to see a crystal-clear bathtub on your return, then here is what you should do: Combine vinegar and water. Spray this mixture onto the tub. Leave your house. When you come back, scrub the tub for two minutes and rinse off. The tub is fully cleaned!

3. Keep in mind that acrylic material can be scratched easily. Before cleaning, make sure you have got a very soft sponge and a plain dishwashing liquid. Replace the sponge frequently. Also, it is always advisable to avoid the use of scouring pads while cleaning acrylic bathtubs. An acrylic bathtub possesses natural shine which indicates that using surface wax is not required after cleaning the tub.

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