How to bring glamorous touch to your bathroom

Bathroom is the place we go for personal hygiene in the morning and comfortably relaxing and refreshing ourselves after a long hard work day.
A bathroom is often composed of a bathtub or a shower, a bidet and possibly a toilet. And here are our tips for you to bring glamorous touch to your private bathroom.

1. Employ Lovely Accessories to Heat up Atmosphere inside Bathroom

Image Via: Hamilton-Gray Design, Inc.
By creatively employing lovely accessories with a very low price such as a few candles and some fresh beautiful flowers, the owner was successful in heating up the atmosphere inside the bathroom and creating a charming, cozy and vintage space for enjoying personal relaxation.

2. Renew Bathroom with a Deep Clean

Image Via: Clawson Architects, LLC
This tip gives you a simple but effective solution for renewing your bathroom without using money. That is cleaning. We bet that you would be definitely surprised how much newer your bathroom can look after a deep cleaning. Now, get on your hands and knees and scrub at the grout between tile, wipe away any water build up from the shower, clean your bathroom.

3. Change Bathroom’s Paint Colors

Image Via: Kathryn Tegreene Interior Design
It is usually said that the paint color you decide upon will partly reflect your lifestyle and décor preferences. However, changing paint colors is sometimes a good way to change our mood, refresh ourselves and bring us fresh inspiration. So, why don’t you try changing your bathroom paint color and seeing differences?

4. Bring Dramatic Lighting into Bathroom

Lighting fixtures can play an active role in adding a dramatic touch to your beloved bathroom. Particularly, you can bring charm and splendor to the bathroom by going full tilt with a chandelier, installing a few hanging wall sconces for candles or adding dimmers onto the light switches.

5. Add your Favorite Scent to Bathroom

Image Via: Pottery Barn
By adding in your favorite scent into the bathroom, you can easily bring your personal style and décor preferences to your bathing area. Use some scented soaps, potpourri, or a reed diffuser may be interesting suggestions for you.

6. Change up Accents of Bathroom

Image Via: Von Fitz Design
By changing up accents of the bathroom, you can quickly change the look in your bathroom. Invest in a new shower curtain and floor mat. If your bathroom is simple, consider adding colors or a pattern in your accents to help the room pop.

7. Swap Out Finishes in Bathroom

Image Via: Chalet
As important as the vanity is to a bathroom, it goes hand-in-hand with the finishes – facet, drawer pulls, etc. When seeking for new finishes, opt for stainless steel to create a smooth and contemporary look that is easy to clean.

8. Refresh Bathroom’s Vanity

Image Via: Narofsky Architecture + Way2Design
In fact, the vanity is often one of first things to catch your eye when stepping into a bathroom. If yours is looking a little old and outdated, let switch it out. Many home improvement stores stock standalone varieties that come already assembled for easy installation. Or, a trip to the thrift store could lead to a great vintage find.

9. Make a Statement with the Mirror:

Image Via: Julie Holloway Interior Designs
Installing a new mirror is one of the simplest ways to add visual interest to a bathroom. Once you find one (or several) that work with your design scheme, all you have to do is hang it up. You can find a statement mirror that is all one piece or use a frame to customize the style of a basic model.

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