Amazing design for colorful interior apartment

Elegance has been colored in with dazzling greens and potent violets is the most strange feature of this home It seems that even those items of furniture that lack color, such as the clear chairs in the living room and the glass table, add vibrancy to this small apartment.
In the living room, we find a combination of whites and brick walls that come together to produce a casual zone of comfort. Here, all pieces of furniture such as drawers and tables have been topped with color, it be in the form of large paintings or bouquets of fresh white roses. A bird cage elegantly hangs near the window sill, and this area is also decorated with the highly original idea of pots of flowers placed in baskets. The window itself has been painted in a grey-blue color that compliments the neutrality of the white walls, while also fitting in with the industrial style of the brick walls.

The kitchen, which has been merged with the living room, is of the most modern design—again, a grey-blue tone has been used for furniture, as it can be seen in the cabinets, oven and counter area. Lights have been built into the top of cabinets, and these too are of a modern design, as they are minimalistic and metallic.

The bedroom is not separated from the kitchen or living room, which allows for coherence in color throughout the entire apartment. Again, we find a space that retains simplicity with the use of white for walls, furniture and bed covers, while still playing with stripes and blocks of color. Plums, greens, blues, yellows and even black decor can be found here, and each furniture not only serves a practical purpose but also a decorative one. It is truly hard to fight against the uplifting vibes that this bedroom gives, making each morning as refreshing as each evening

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