House design for university students in Melbourne, Australia

When your children go to university, one problem that may make you confuse is should or should not let them live in school or live in your house. Live in the dormitory, your children will be lack of many things like water, private space,.. but they can learn how to get on with others. Besides dormitory, if your children go to Melbourne, Australia, you should let them go to student housing that for university student. This project designed by the DKO architectural practice and located close to several universities and learning institutions.
 The project has a striking façade composed of bright and dark materials that contrast with oval and straight geometries and the same edges continue inside into the public spaces. Elements like the patterns of the Bolon Floor or the Imac zone desk and bench were highlighted through the careful consideration of the lighting designer.

 The communal spaces for the students reduce the need of some individual requirements and thus save more energy. The kitchenettes, study rooms and TV rooms improve interaction and reduce wastage while also being more time efficient. The materials and furnishings were chosen for their durability so that they would resist the daily use and one of the most important elements was the Bolon woven textile due to the high durability and sustainable source.

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