The inspiring modern décor of 25-square-meter studio apartment

This creative and modern apartment with beautiful living space is a work of the brainchild of Russia – based interior design firm Zukkini.
Defined by clean, simple lines, cool modernism with an affinity for abstract art and motivational posters, an airy feel that adds volume, luminosity and a sense of continuity, this enviably smart, high-impact minimalist design slyly manages to make the most out of living in a tiny space by creating the illusion of added square footage and light. This awe-inspiring, vibrant and light-filled small apartment makes efficient and clever use of every inch of space, while allowing it room to breathe at the same time. In order to attain successfully and elegantly the goal of gaining both light and precious square footage so as to visually maximize the tiny space, the interior designer opted to downplay the use of large-scale furniture.

Excessive use of furniture and especially overstuffed pieces that weigh down the space is one of the most common mistakes when decorating a small apartment, because they defeat the purpose of enhancing the space with the aid of décor. Instead of using large pieces of furniture, Zukkini chose to fiddle chromatically with different shades of blue-gray, used solely as accents, and stylistically with various patterns, textures, shapes and natural materials to create the illusion of extra space and convince the mind that the space has more volume.

The walls throughout this small apartment are artfully decorated with framed pictures depicting various motivational posters, abstract art, coffee-themed and internet-inspired memes such as the celebrated ”Keep Calm and…”, to create an inviting, cozy and inspiring living space.

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