Interior design of Mediterranean villa can inspire us

One of a kind house we want to introduce is this refined Mediterranean villa overlooking the beach. Beginning is a weekend home to Antiques impresario Richard Shapiro, but has now grown to be a world-renowned residence.
So, what are the features that make this house so unique and refined? Here are some features:Right from the courtyard, the tiles form a zigzag with Arabic patterns on the wall where there is a tap for cooling yourself during the hot days. There is also a perfect blend of concrete and nature making the house more natural looking and it even feels like it is a part of the beach around it.

The staircase is something else that brings out beauty and elegance in this house. The handrails are grey which forms a direct contrast with the colors of the stairs, walls and floor beneath. The beams at the roof and underneath the staircase have an old yet sturdy look to them providing for an interesting contrast.
There is a massive stone fireplace on the terrace, and the living room has massive windows that provide an amazing view of the ocean. The windows also allow for plenty of sunlight to get in thus brightening up the place throughout the day. Shapiro has indeed created a dream life for himself after many months of construction. This house is an amazing design and a dream home to own or visit.

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