Manipulating black and white colors to create beautiful house design

In monochrome design, people use only black and white to design and decorate their home. That kind of design brings people the feeling clean and tidy.
Besides, by monochrome your space will be more spacious. Monochrome is the inspiration of an apartment in the new Kiev Sryskriper by Olga Kulova. By the harmony in color: black and white, that house takes much of impression and love from people- who are interested in home design.
 Designer share the ideas for this home:

"The main idea of this interior was to open a space for free living and to avoid closed areas. We decided to put the glass slide door between the living room and bedroom.
The apartment has two possible actions: to be open or to be separate. We made a private and public area. In the personal area we organised :  bedroom, wardrobe area and a master bathroom.  All of this areas are going one by one and created a long , long space. In the masters bathroom we make a outstanding sink from concrete and arranged the tap-tube above it.
The public area got the guestroom, the bar cabinet area, the entrance hall and the laundry room. The shape of that area is similar to the private part of the interior.
The long room with a long grey sofa, is supported with long metal bookshelves and two white islands: the kitchen island and the dinner table.  All of these shapes are landing on the dead white polumeric floor". 

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