Great idea designs for living room

Living room is considered the informal part of the house. It is the place used for family and friend get together for chats, games, watching TV and other family activities.
Most living rooms are decorated casually with furnishings and objects that can stand a bit of wear and tear. In some homes, floor plans that consists of a living room and family room combined into a single huge area is known as a “great room.” However, just because the living room is the more casual and probably the most used room of the home, you can still keep it stylish and interesting. Below are seven living room ideas that are sure to add some style to a casual living room setting.
1. Bean Bags for the family room. 

2. Cushiony, comfy sofas are a must in a family room.
 Pile them high with lots of pillows and let family and guest get relaxed while sitting and enjoying the togetherness of family and friends.
3. A mix of patterns and cool colors will give the family room a designer chic feel

By using durable fabrics like washable slipcovers for furnishings, you won’t have to worry about ruining fabrics and interrupting the flow of your décor.
4.  Expand spaces that encourage family groupings
  For example, parents can be active in the kitchen while the kids hangout in the family room. There is no need to make the areas different from each other. Create a theme whether it’s color or furnishings that connects the décor of the two rooms.
 5. Spice up your family room walls with different types of art
 Whether it’s paints, posters, drawings, sculptures, or group of family photos.

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