The redesigned work of Christopher Jenner for the London ticket hall

The creative director of Eurostar, Christopher Jenner has redesigned the London ticket hall replacing the modern project created by Philippe Starck with a more retro aesthetic that combines Art Nouveau and Victorian Gothic, offering a “less pedestrian travel experience”.

The furniture and fittings for the two spaces have the materials and shapes common in the late 19th century to evoke the epoch which the designers call the Golden Age of travel as an attempt of heralding its return.
The space isn’t only created to be efficient and functional, but it also had to provide a narrative of travel with Venetian plaster walls in the business class office interrupted by panels of walnut with brass edges. The cabinets also combine wood and metal, while bespoke lampshades made of Corian with wooden edges can be seen suspended above the ticked desk.
The curved desks are made of Corian and their edges are made of steel and English oak, while the flooring is made of limestone to reflect the light of the glazed frontage.

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