Tile Collection that uses unique local stone

As eloquently as the name suggests, Poesia is the latest tile collection by Italian designer Ceramiche Refin that mixes warm hues with its use of a local Southern Italian stone for a refined and polished design

Ceramiche Refin’s latest collection of ceramic tiles reads like an alluring piece of poetry: graceful lines, sumptuous details and classic style. Rightly so, the line is called ‘Poesia,’ and in addition to well-thought-out design and innovative craftsmanship, it is a collection that wholly displays some of its Italian heritage, using Leccese stone from the Southern Italian region of Puglia.

With Poesia, Refin explores a renewed taste for different types of stones. Using the ‘pietra Leccese’ as it is called in Italian, it is the base for the Poesia tiles, and is a stone that dates back more than 20 million years, reached its artistic peak during the Baroque period. Today it is extracted from large open-cast quarries and is the base for one of Refin’s most innovative and elegant tile collections to date. The great thing about Leccese stone is that the deeper you dig, the more the colors change, which provides for variety of rich colors.

The Poesia collection comes in four naturally balanced hues, ranging from white to mud to grey and a warm gold, with a refined texture thanks to the Leccese stone. With commercial and residential clients in mind, Poesia also offers a variety of intricately detailed borders to offset the solid antique finishes: Geometric patterns, brick wall accents or patterned deco.

Refin has established itself as a leader in the tiles sector with a highly developed graphics system that broadens the horizons for tile design. Utilizing every aspect of nature, culture and human surroundings, they develop unique interior and exterior floor and wall tiles that tell a story. The combination of using ultra resistant Grès Porcelain tiles together with their avant-garde graphics and a commitment to research and innovation, Ceramiche Refin is the epitome of a high quality product Made in Italy.

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