New project offers welcoming spaces for informal gatherings and entertainmen

Enhancing the overall design of your family home in order to encourage socializing is the ideas of this home design. St Kilda Californian-Style Bungalow in Melbourne, Australia had been created by Make Architecture.
Imagined more like a favorite cafe than a common private house, the new project offers welcoming spaces for informal gatherings and entertainment. A decorative timber screen with glass piercings adorns the extruded upper level roof form that also contains the main bedroom.

Materials were cleverly employed for their practical building purposes, as well as for interesting visual effects: “Concrete has been used to form a heavy base to the project and large board marked concrete elements lift up and emerge out of this base. The concrete has been formed up insinuate using recycled fence palings to give texture and grain. It is also used internally to create integrated seats, benches and durable surfaces for family life.” The decorative wooden screen is also an example of an ordinary material used in a highly creative manner. We love how the designers managed to develop cozy and intimate spaces the entire family can enjoy. What are the details you like best about this home?

A heaven place for living and entertaining under the Californian sun

Contemporary Beverly Hills home is a heavenly place under the Californian sun where living and entertaining go hand in hand designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects.
The designer had completed renovating the existing structure and  offering inhabitants the possibility to live a blessed life here, Dennis Gibbens Architects worked with talented craftsmen to convey the existing home into a stunning cul-de-sac property. Boasting 270° panoramas of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, this elegant residence showcases a unique blend of circular design and transparency, and is known as the Trousdale Estates Contemporary Home.

The architects shared his ideas“At the exterior, the front façade was re-organized as a simple, platonic gesture in the curved shape of a monumental wall. The elevation is clad in ribbed Indiana limestone panels. The rough stone contrasts with the smooth-trowel painted stucco exterior of the remainder of the house. At night, a warm glow provided by concealed up-lighting provides an inviting welcome to the property.”

How to Design Your Home with Security in Mind

It is often said that a person’s home is their castle. However, with the number of burglaries increasing year upon year, it’s hard not to wonder whether this statement is still true. Even though you may not want to go to the extreme of building a moat around your property, or paying for bouncers to stand outside your door at all hours of the day, there are ways to improve the security of your home. Keep reading for a few tips.

Install Security Lighting

Exterior lighting is popular with many homeowners, however it also enables people to see when you are at home, and when you are away. A better option is to install security lighting. Security lighting turns on when a sensor notices movement, which will still enable you to walk from the street to your door with lighting, but will deter burglars from doing the same. It’s a good idea to install this close to all entrances to your home.

Add a Motion Detection System

Knowing when people are entering your property can give you precious extra warning time about a possible intruder situation. Systems like the ADT Alarm System from can be set up so that the second a motion detector senses movement, you and a security company are both alerted of the intrusion. The security company will then either contact you to see how to proceed, or contact the services and send them out to your property. They also act as a great deterrent against burglaries.

Think About Your Windows

Windows are second only to doors, when it comes to easy entryways into houses. So it pays to make sure that your home’s windows are as secure as possible. It is possible to buy security windows for your home, but of course these are going to set you back quite a bit. A better option may be to install security window film onto your windows. This not only makes your windows more secure against intruders, but it can also help to protect your home during tornadoes and hurricanes.

Safe Rooms and Vaults

If you really want to go all out on home security, you may also want to consider having a safe room or vault built into your home. Whilst they may be most associated with the homes of the rich and the famous, they can be useful for general homeowners as well. Anyone with a basement can easily have a vault installed that will keep you safe in times of an intrusion. Safe rooms usually need to be designed when the house is built, as they often need to be reinforced. If you go down this route, make sure you have a supply of food and water in the room, and also that you have a means of calling for outside help.

Home security is such a large topic that it would be impossible to list all of the options available to you in this article. However, it is more than possible to design a home with security in mind, and hopefully these tips will help you somewhat.

Contemporary interior of Curva house in Australia

LLA architects & Interior design had merged the appeal of a heritage Federation-style building with the contemporary vibe of a bold extension to created the design of Curva house in Australia. The project aims at slowly reveal the geometry of the new addition, without disrupting the overall architectural harmony. Especially developed for a professional chef and his family, the residence features plenty of areas for entertaining and socializing: “The kitchen is the heart of the new interior with emphasis on the dramatic marble island bench and splash-back. The dining, living, outdoor entertaining, pool and garden areas radiate off this central space. The dining room and outdoor sitting area are enveloped in the oak lined Curve, this provides protection from the elements but offers intimacy allowing for the desired ability to entertain all year round.” Unexpected intersections and cavernous areas make this place an exciting home, encouraging a diverse lifestyle.Enjoy this design now!

Interior design in an home which is for relaxing and entertainment

The Butterton Project have recently completed by LLT design in Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. The owner is a family, a young professional couple with two children, wanted a modern home that wasn’t cold and clinical. They request their home is a place where they can relax and entertain, but at the same time function as a practical family home. It was calculated that up to 40% of the space was very seldom used, which was an important factor in planning the project. LLI Design proposed that more open plan living would suit the family’s lifestyle.

In the living room, furnishings are simple but with strong styling lines,
a bright red retro styled sofa with chaise-end and a rug together with a statement Flos spun floor lamp and bright artworks warm up the area. A limited palette of greys, creams, blacks and reds added drama to the space. The larger reception room was repurposed as a TV / lounge due to it’s lack of natural light. It was important to make this room warm, welcoming and cosy especially as it had been so under used in the past. The palette was kept to oranges, taupes and greys, together with a walnut floor.

A new lighting scheme was designed and specified including new fittings and garden lighting. An Intelligent Lighting system was installed in order to create moods, ambiance and timed events internally and externally, controlled from wall mounted keypads and also by iPads / iPhones.