A heaven place for living and entertaining under the Californian sun

Contemporary Beverly Hills home is a heavenly place under the Californian sun where living and entertaining go hand in hand designed by Dennis Gibbens Architects.
The designer had completed renovating the existing structure and  offering inhabitants the possibility to live a blessed life here, Dennis Gibbens Architects worked with talented craftsmen to convey the existing home into a stunning cul-de-sac property. Boasting 270° panoramas of Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, this elegant residence showcases a unique blend of circular design and transparency, and is known as the Trousdale Estates Contemporary Home.

The architects shared his ideas“At the exterior, the front façade was re-organized as a simple, platonic gesture in the curved shape of a monumental wall. The elevation is clad in ribbed Indiana limestone panels. The rough stone contrasts with the smooth-trowel painted stucco exterior of the remainder of the house. At night, a warm glow provided by concealed up-lighting provides an inviting welcome to the property.”

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