Designing and decorating in a small apartment

When you own a small apartment and feel confused how to design and decorate it. It is the time for you to look at this post. This post taken from the work of Allarts - Design is amazing for your apartment.
This lovely one-rooom apartment in Perm, Russia might not be too tiny but it it still finds some smart new ways to work around the lack of square footage. The apartment was crafted to meet the needs of a business woman who spends most of her time traveling across Europe. Located on the 22nd floor and clad in brick walls, the idea here was to create a chic hangout with a touch of Scandinavian beauty.
White-washed brick walls along with a red brick-clad entrance give the apartment a unique backdrop with plenty of textural beauty. Instead of using small partitions and unnecessary walls, the large room is divided into the living area, bedroom and kitchen using glass partitions, sheer curtains and a subtle demarcation of space.

 A standalone TV unit allows you to catch the action from both the living area and the bedroom, which are separated from one another using just drapes. The bedroom looks like a gorgeous glass box with a gallery wall above the headboard, and colorful bedding gives it a distinct identity. Decor is kept simple and minimal throughout the house, with accent additions bringing in some color.

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