A Layman's Guide To Planning And Building A New House

If you’re looking for a new house to buy, you are doubtless reading this blog post because you haven’t found anything suitable. The good news is that you don’t have to give up on your idea to buy the perfect house. Why? Because you can build it yourself! Or, at least, pay someone else to build it for you!

Growing numbers of people are taking to building their homes these days. It means they can specify the size and style of their new abodes without conforming to what’s already on the market. It also gives house builders the chance to “future-proof” their homes when they start a family, for example.

The following points will give you a general overview of the DIY home building process.


Some folks find this to be the hardest part of any home building project! You will likely have some idea of how many rooms you want in your new house. But you need to design its overall exterior and interior appearance.

At this stage, I recommend using some 3D design software for a computer or tablet to create a “mockup” of what you want. You can then give those plans to an architect. And they can create some blueprints for you that construction companies can use.


Next, you’ll need to find some suitable land to build your new house on. Once you’ve identified an area, pay for an InfoTrack land title search. Doing so will confirm that there will be no boundary issues, for example, when you construct your new home.

You’ll also need to get quotes from utility companies to hook up mains water, gas and electricity supplies. Don’t forget that your quotes should include the work to install waste (sewage) pipes too.

Of course, you can always live “off the grid” and generate your power by harnessing energy from the sun or wind. Even so, you’ll still need to do something about your waste water.


Once you’ve done everything necessary, it’s now time to start building your home! Be sure to choose a reputable construction firm to help you achieve this goal. If you’re a builder by trade, you could do the work yourself and hire some people to do laboring work, for example.

At various stages, you will need to get your new house checked by building inspectors from your local council. You’ll also need to confirm that your house is getting built according to the plans drawn up by you and your architect.

It’s easier to fix any construction problems as they happen rather than when the house is built. I know that it might seem like a time-consuming task, checking up on what other people are doing. At the end of the day, you’re paying for this project! You’re the boss, so it’s up to you to “crack the whip” as it were!


Once your home is built and decorated, the final tasks are to make things look pretty on the outside!

Be sure to hire some landscapers to sculpt the front and rear gardens for you. Landscaping is the finishing touch to any house building project.

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