Inspiring from design of the most exclusive bars in Colombia

Designed by the practice of MEMA Arquitectos with wood as the predominant material and an interior structure that acts as an acoustic element, the El Fabuloso in Bogota, Colombia is one of the most exclusive bars in the city.

The project is located on the rooftop of a building in one of the most glamorous areas of the city and the idea from which the bar began was that of having a picnic on the seventh floor. This is why the project is designed as a gigantic picnic basket and it features several terraces offering different ambiances and views toward various sections of the city.
The ceiling is completely covered in wood since this material gives a better quality to the sound inside and there is also a restaurant with an open kitchen and a wooden oven making the entire ambiance seem warmer and closer to home so that the customers are more open and relaxed.

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