Amazing future hotel design by the NL Architects

It is a work for the future designed by the NL Architects practice and will be built in several locations throughout the world. This hotel named the Amethyst Hotel, a luxurious and quite impressive project in the shape of an amethyst cathedral geode. The choice of an amethyst comes from its universal regard as an auspicious gem which is presumed to heal illness and bring good luck to the wearer. The first project will be located on the Ocean Flower Island in China which is itself artificial, so the setting couldn’t be better, especially when considering the reverence for the gem in the country.
The rooms are placed in the center of the tower with quartz-like glass for a view with a purple tint and a panoramic perspective that allows abundant natural light inside. The interior was designed in a minimalist style to contrast the vibrant exterior and the void lights begin to glow during nighttime for a dazzling effect.

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