A comfortable interior in design of apartment in Leblon, Rio

Located in Leblon, Rio de Janeiro this apartment is all about functionality with a linear layout that integrates the kitchen, living area and bedroom into a single space that can be separated by sliding doors when needed.

The project is for a single inhabitant and it spreads over a surface of 27 square meters with a comfortable interior that ensures all the functionality needed for one person. The kitchen was repositioned and the only area that can be separated from the rest is the bedroom through the use of a sliding mirrored door that gives the impression of extra space when closed.
The linear setting is functional but only leaves room for one window in the bedroom and thus white walls and ceiling were used to add extra natural light and there is a ceiling aperture that adds to this while also providing natural ventilation. The rest of the space is decorated with shades of beige and orange adding extra color to the predominantly black and white tones.

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