Inspiring from store design of the Hat Club SoHo in New York

The Hat Club SoHo in New York is not only famous for their retail products but also for their store design.
This Club is designed in 2013 by the UP studio and offers an adaptable retail space with hosts the merchandise into 420 modular boxes that can be adapted to the current needs of the company. There are a lot of hat shelves on all the walls and they surround the entire space that spreads over a surface of 1000 square feet. The Hat Club is a membership based store that opened in 1992 in the Mesa, Arizona shopping mall and their philosophy is to offer excellent service to each customer to stand apart from their competition.
The shop is in the oldest building in the neighborhood which was partially demolished to bring out some of the original features that are now highlighted by the new design. The ambiance takes its inspiration from the old look of the city and there is a dialogue between the historic elements and the contemporary ones.

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