The luxurious contemporary residence in Brazil

So luxurious is what I think when I see this architecture. This stunning contemporary residence was designed by the studop MK27 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
This has large concrete volumes stacked one on the other with a vertical circulation column as the central element. The three concrete boxes give the layers of the cantilevered rooms and there are also large decks to permit the inhabitants to maintain a permanent connection with the surrounding landscape. The ground level hosts the living area with an open plan incorporating the dining area and extending to the swimming pool deck and to the lawn.

 The terrace and lawn have uplighting implemented around the entire area to allow the inhabitants to enjoy the pool even during nighttime so this is an ideal location for a party. The bedrooms on the first floor also offer an overview of the garden and pool and there is an elevated garden spreading over the roof of the living room.
The perpendicular placement of the first level volume ensures shading for the ground floor and it also creates a shelter for the entrance, while the top floor hosts a family room with views of the city.

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