Discover The Beautiful Style Of Perth Arena, Australia

When you think of great architecture around the world, the city of Perth in Australia might not be the first place that comes to your mind. Aside from the Sydney Opera House, Australia is not famous for its building styles. In fact, much of the architecture in this country is basic in design. Architects deal with plenty of issues when creating structures in the area. That is because of the extreme weather conditions in the country. There are some exceptional buildings in Australia, though, and you shouldn't overlook them. In 2013, for example, the WA Architecture Awards officials gave Perth Arena the highest award of the year. The building is not a famous one, but it is stunning.

Massive interior capacity

The size of this building is one of the most astounding things about it. As one of the major venues in the country, it has to have a lot of space for tourists and visitors. The venue can host up to 15,000 people at a time. That means that it has attracted many massive stars to it. Famous names include Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. The sheer size of the building is impressive. Many people who visit Perth, take photos next to the structure as a souvenir.

Contemporary design 

The modern design of the building is another attractive feature of it. Many people were unsure that the structure would suit the city. In fact, the building is now a highlight of the skyline, and you can see it in many great art pieces from the city. As you can see, the structure takes a futuristic design style, which looks like some modern European buildings. The bizarre shape of the structure looks incredible, and the sharp edge design suits the materials. The design is one which combines plenty of different styles, yet somehow makes it all work.

Steel and glass 

The main materials, which you can see here, are steel and glass. An enormous 7,217 tonnes of steel make up the bones of the building. The rest of the structure is glass and aluminium. The vast building certainly puts a lot of strain on the Perth Window Cleaning Services, but the result is worth it. The building looks like a spaceship in the center of the city. In fact, many critics have said the arena itself is a marvel. The building has a solar panel on it. The energy that powers the venue is mostly green and eco-friendly. This fact has impressed many experts across the globe. The building is an example of future energy resource systems.

A major point of interest

Over the last few years, people have begun to recognize the structure as a tourist point. Although it has not yet reached the fame of the Opera House, it is soon to be one of the points of interest for tourists visiting Australia. The structure has become greatly popular because of its shape and size, which many people adore. Both these aspects of the architecture are out of the ordinary. That in itself means that the structure will get a load of attention from people and photographers.

Fifty meters high 

 The highest point of the building stands at fifty meters high. That is the reason that you can see the arena above many of the buildings in Perth. Of course, the structure varies in height because of the jagged edges it has. That means that some parts of the area are smaller than its highest peak. Regardless of that, the arena stands out when you look at the city of Perth. If you ever visit the city, you must make sure that you take some photos of this building.

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