4 Changes That Will Add Thousands To Your Home Value

If you’re looking to sell your house, you’re probably asking yourself how you can up its value. Moving house is costly and that beautiful home you’ve got your eye on is just out of budget. Don’t worry just yet. There are plenty of things you can do in your own home to bump up the resale value. Particularly in these difficult economic times, you need to squeeze every last piece of value from your house.

Of course, there are the simple tricks. A lick of paint, fresh flowers and natural light will add value through perception. However, we’re talking small numbers here. If you really want to add big money to your house value, it’s time for big changes. Adding value comes from adding to the very core of the home. Ready to get stuck in? Here are the four most profitable home changes.

1. Remodel the kitchen

For many potential buyers, the kitchen is the most important room of the house. It’s where they’ll cook and entertain. It’s where they’ll sit down for family meals and enjoy each other’s company. Improving the kitchen will add tons of value. Old kitchens are also the scene of extensive repairs and maintenance. Most homeowner want an easy life. A brand new kitchen will give them that. Of course, there is a cost with remodeling the kitchen, well into the thousands. But, keep costs relatively low, and you’ll make twice as much back when you sell.

2. Bathrooms

After the kitchen, the bathroom is the next most important room. An old, run down bathroom strikes fear into the heart of new buyers. Again, they’ll be put off by repairs, maintenance and the unsightly room. A remodel will breathe new life into it. When your intention is resale, stick to simple, light colours and suites. Another great way to add value is install a second bathroom. Adding an en suite will add thousands to your home value.

3. Create a new space

Turn your three bedroom house into a four bedroom and watch as your value rises. When it comes to family life, nothing is more important than bedroom space. The kids want their own rooms and the parents want peace and quiet! An extra room instantly increases the status and perception of your home. The best spaces to convert are basements, attics or create a room above the garage. If you don’t have access to this, try installing a conservatory. It adds floor space and gives the home more room to breathe.

4. Energy efficient installation

One thing buyers will always ask to see is the energy performance of the property. Buyers are looking for peace of mind when it comes to the running costs of the home. That means low energy bills. You can help by installing improved insulation in the roof. You could also seek out re roofing Perth to replace rotting roof beams. Finally, upgrade the windows to double or triple glazing. You’ll make your money back in an instant with these upgrades.

There you have it, folks. You’ll need to get your hands dirty and fork out a little up front costs, but you’ll thank yourself. Now you can afford your dream house.

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