5 Ways to Transform Your Home with Great Design in 2015

Updating your home’s interiors doesn’t always require a major remodel. A few changes here and there can go a long way; after all, it’s the small details that really make an impact when it comes to interior design. If you’re ready to update your home’s interior for 2015, here are five design tips from Shari Felton to transform your home with great design in mind:

1. Make a Statement with Geometric Patterns

Geometric designs are big this year especially in bathroom and kitchen trends. If you’re looking for a major change in your bathroom or kitchen, consider retiling your floors with bold geometric patterned tiles. These tiles are also great for kitchen backsplashes, to add a focal point of visual interest in your kitchen.

You can also use similar geometric patterns for wallpaper in other areas of your home like the bedroom or the living room. If you’re not looking for a major change, you can incorporate the geometric trend in fabrics for pillowcases, throw rugs, and sheets. A chair or coffee table in a modern geometric shape also makes for a statement piece in the living room.

2. Incorporate New Color Trends for the Year 

Move over black and white, as gray is the new go-to neutral color for interior design. Gray is a very versatile color to work with; you can use it with pastels, different shades of brown, and yes, black and white for a monochromatic color scheme.

Blue (especially deep sea blue) is also a great color to incorporate into anything from accent pieces to entire walls, as it can create a dramatic but calming effect in any room especially when used for walls.

And finally, expect to see a lot of Marsala hues (Pantone color of the year) in everything from fabrics, accent pieces, and wall colors. Marsala goes great with C

Click here if you need some help in finding the right color scheme for your space.

3. Statement Lighting

The use of statement lighting fixtures to draw visual interest to the ceiling is not exactly a new trend but it’s a great way to transform a space from drab to fabulous. Statement lighting fixtures that feature geometric patterns serve as a decorative piece whether the lights are on or off.

4. Table Trends: Mixing the Old with the New

Pair up an old rustic dining table with modern seating to instantly update your dining room’s look. It’s becoming a popular trend to mix contemporary pieces with old rustic furniture to get the best of both worlds.

5. Sectional Sofas are Back

Update your living room’s seating by replacing bulky couches with large sectional seating. They’re versatile, comfortable, and you can easily move pieces around to suit the occasion or the mood. Revisions Interior can help you find the right pieces to transform your home this 2015.

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