Inspiring from the design of the estudio AMATAM for children space

 It is time for children space. We are pleasure to introduce to you a design of the estudio AMATAM. This studio has designed the Kalorias children’s space in Linda-a-Velha, Lisbon, Portugal with an aesthetic that tries to explore time and space to find the images which stimulate imagination the most.

The project is a refurbishment that acts as a retreat for young people and the designers used color as a way of stimulating their spatial and visual perception through the use of color psychology. The space is inside the Kaloria Health Club complex and it is defined by two large rooms and an additional large hall that used to host corporate events.

The designers created a large multi-purpose room acting as a place where you could read a book, watch films or use the computer. Another room is dedicated to visual arts and the last room is dedicated entirely to fun and games.
The spaces maintained the original structural setting but their design became much richer with a lot of symbolic elements that want to transport the users into a dream-like ambiance.

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