Inspiring from the Nest House designed by the architect Gerado Ars

Designed by the architect Gerado Ars, the Nest House in Alvarado, Mexico is the project we want to introduce today. This design is for a retired couple and their growing family in an area that permits sufficient spaces for a gardening or recreational activities.
The designers blended the Chiapas and Veracruz culture into a single project sitting on a hill in the Playas del conchas gated community that offers a great view of the Gulf of Mexico. There are gardens around the house communicating with the living area, dining room and guest bedroom.
The open layout has the dining area and living area connected visually though a coral dividing wall that references one of the dividing walls of the owner’s first houses.
The second floor has an irregular layout that ensured a good view from multiple directions so that the master bedroom can see the sunrise and the sea. The climate of the region is very windy and thus the façade was wrapped in a perforated concrete screen to filter the wind and heat gain.

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