Contemporary restaurant in the center of Paris, France

This is a contemporary restaurant in the center of Paris, France at the foot of Montmartre named Jeanne B. This restaurant was designed by the C comme C architectural practice in 2014 to transform the former boutique into a restaurant inspired from the geometric patterns popular during the 1930s. The contemporary ambiance is combined with a cozy setting in which colors and materials were carefully chosen to bring out the furnishings and offer plenty of textures for a rich interior. The blue and green tones define the exterior and the walls inside, while the lighting design makes the areas feel more spacious to fit the moods of the daytime.
The details take their inspiration from natural elements like flowers and animals so there are sculptural additions for shelves or supporting elements that also try to orient the view of the visitors toward the products being sold. There are birch trunks acting as room dividers and even a stag trophy standing atop the bar.

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