Japanese Restaurant in the lake of Esporte Clube Pinheiros in Sao Paulo

Japanese restaurant often bring for us the feeling of peace and elegance. Located at Esporte Clube Pinheiros in Sao Paulo, the Lake’s Restaurant is a Japanese-inspired contemporary restaurant showcasing the essence of simplicity and purity through its sleek architecture merging two volumes.
This is also an ideal place for you come and relax after a hard time. Mirroring its geometric architecture in the lake’s surface, this modern lake restaurant seems to be floating over the waters in a successful effort of appearing light and subtle. In between the walking mall and the lake club, this Japanese restaurant feels like a breath of fresh air, a sophisticated platform for observing the lush surroundings while enjoying a captivating meal. Photos by Ana Mello show us the extent to which this restaurant interferes with its environment.
Finished off in white, the volumes contain either the kitchen, storage and changing rooms (in the smaller volume covered in black volcanic stones) or the main lounge space facing the lake and the restrooms wrapped around a palm tree. Inside, the open and bright space uses a neutral color palette that mimics the natural surroundings. Simplicity reigns here from the concrete floors to the dark framed windows and wooden furniture, making the lake the scene and the restaurant the theater.

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