Planning the Best Super Bowl Party Ever

February 1st is right around the corner, and for football fans that means one thing: Super Bowl Sunday. If you want to impress the football lovers in your life, this is the perfect time to plan an epic game day party. From the food to the fan gear, here is a complete list of everything you need for the best Super Bowl party ever.

Use Your Design

Super Bowl parties are an excellent opportunity to invite friends and coworkers over to enjoy your home. When hosting a party like this that revolves around a television program for the most part, consider adjusting your furniture to maximize seating space. Playing with the position of your couch or bringing in two bean bag chairs is a smart way to mix up the environment of your home and surprise guests while making it the most effective set up for your audience.

Next, you can embellish your house with fun football themes. Choose simple but fun centerpieces with team colors. Lay out a faux grass rug. You may even want to spray paint yard lines on it first. And don’t be afraid to combine trends like glitter (which you might have left over from New Year’s Eve gatherings) with football fan gear. For instance, coat foam fingers in sparkly gold glitter.

It’s All About Those Snacks

When it comes to a terrific party, the main ingredient is the snacks. From meatballs and sausages to spicy wings, chips and dip, there are so many iconic game day foods to choose from.

You can design a streamlined buffet using your kitchen island or table that allows game watchers to easily hop up between quarters and refill their plates. Make sure that the food is in or right off of the TV room where you will be tuning into the game. Fans don’t want to go far and risk the chance of missing an important play. In addition to the buffet, consider keeping items like chips or other finger foods on a coffee or side table for easy access during the action.

When it comes to cutlery and dinnerware, a game day party tends to run on the casual side. Paper plates are typically fine and can be purchased in football themes.

Game Day Gear

Since we don’t know yet who will be competing in the Super Bowl, there is still time to shop around for game day attire. Whether you want to wear the jersey of a team competing or you are still supporting your favorite city, whether its team is still in contention or not, there are plenty of options.

Avid fans might go as far as painting their faces, but you can look cool with a t-shirt, jersey or simply wearing the team colors with items already in your closet.

Don’t Forget the Game

And last but definitely not least, make sure you have the best channels for prepping for the game and tuning in at kickoff. Plans like provide the perfect channels for rooting for your favorite teams and watching all those classic commercials in a high quality picture and at an affordable price.

With these ideas in mind, you are all set to plan the best Super Bowl party your guests have ever seen.

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