Inspired from the design of a minimalist contemporary apartment

According to the demand of customer, he Design Studio Dragon Art had designed this minimalist contemporary apartment for a family of four and now, it is located in Gdynia, Poland. The designers were highly attentive at all the small details of the interior and most of the storage areas such as cabinets or closets were hidden behind panels or doors that open under pressure so that the visitors can only see the simple and clean layout.
The loft is composed of two smaller ones that were interconnected and thus they can offer sufficient space for the four inhabitants. The main section has an open layout comprising the kitchen, dining area and living space which extends to a terrace.
The lounge area has a cozy ambiance and it features a suspended Flos lamp as the main attraction along with an unusual bookcase in the background acting as a home office area. The neutral palette is completed by only a few touches of color on furniture pieces or pillows and the corridor has some sculpture representations to add a classical touch to the overall setting.

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