Admiring the interior apartment design by L3P Architekten

The Trubel residential project was designed by the L3P Architekten practice in 2014, The Trubel residential project was featured a highly open contemporary home located in Dielsdorf, Switzerland on the site of a vineyard.
The residence has a modern geometry made from reinforced concrete with a steel concrete and a highly minimalist tone that brings out the industrial elements. To bring a cozy touch, the designers added handmade furniture pieces and a glass envelope.
The entrance is made through a 5.44 meter high opening with the cellar and service area connected to it. There is a double bedroom sectioned with the aid of a middle wall and the upper level gives access to a concrete bookcase, the dining area, home office, kitchen, reading corner, living area, guest zone and a sleeping unit with its own bathroom.
The project took the vine as the model for the design with the building sculpturally developing in a manner similar to that of the vine leaves and with the fruit trees integrated into the space.

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