Selecting The Perfect Artificial Christmas Tree

One of the most popular decoration pieces at Christmas is an evergreen tree. Having a real tree will require knowing how to care for the tree, as well as disposing of it properly. Allergies can make having a real tree prohibitive; so many people opt to purchase fake Christmas trees. Several things need to be taken into account to select the perfect tree.


The first thing to take into consideration when purchasing a fake Christmas tree is how much space you have. Trees can be found in all sizes from tabletop to twelve feet. To determine what size would be best for you, measure the height of the wall where you want the tree placed. Make sure you leave space at the top for the star or angel, whatever you plan to top the tree with.

In addition to the height, you will want to consider the width of the tree. You will want to have enough room to walk around the tree and decorate, and some trees can be manipulated by bending the branches.


Not all fake Christmas trees are green. You will want to think about what material you want. You can find trees that are green, white, blue, pink, and a variety of other colors. After you have selected the color, decide whether you want branches that are hinged or you place them in pre-drilled holes. Both hinged and individual placed branches can be fluffed to look real, but placing branches individually will allow you a little more control over the finished look. They are also more often less expensive and lighter than the hinged trees.

Pre-Lit or Plain

Trees can be purchased with lights attached already to make setup simpler. You do not have to untangle lights, but you lose the ability to select type of lights, size of bulbs, and customization. Prelit trees are often more expensive, so if price is an issue, consider purchasing a tree that lets you purchase lights separately.

If you have decided that you want a fake Christmas tree, make sure you check out the reviews of Balsam Hill trees. They offer a variety of sizes and types, including unlit trees.

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