Top 10 Most expensive homes in the world

The Ambani home, called Antilla, is the world’s first billion-dollar home and sits on top of a six-story parking garage. There are nine elevators and a four-story open garden.
This 27-storey mansion is anything but ordinary, because at $1 billion, it’s the world’s most expensive home ever built.

Villa Leopolda
Built in 1902 by King Leopold II of Belgium, the famous Villa Leopolda  was reportedly purchased for $736 million by Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov. La Leopolda was used as a set in the 1955 Alfred Hitchcock film “To Catch a Thief. It is the second most expensive homes in the world.

The Hearst Mansion
The Hearst Mansion — also known as Hearst Castle, which is valued at $165 Million makes it one of the most expensive home in the world. The estate features three swimming pools, 29 bedrooms, movie theater, and a disco.

The Hala Ranch estate
The Hala Ranch estate north of Aspen, Colorado was one of the most expensive houses. It was purchased by Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan in 2006 for $135 million. The 56,000 square foot home was built in 1991 and features its own wastewater treatment plant and, mechanical shop, gasoline pumps, and car wash.

Fleur de Lys
Fleur de Lys is a mansion in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California.With 41,000 square feet and 15 bedrooms, the Fleur de Lys was on the market in 2008 for $125 Million. The home was built by Texan billionaire David Saperstine.

Silicon Valley mansion
At $100 million, this French chateau-style mansion in Los Altos Hills in California is now the home of Yuri Milner. The estate has panoramic views of San Francisco Bay and 11 acres of land. It has a ballroom, wine cellar, gym, spa and pools inside and outside.

The Woolworth Mansion
Located in New York City on 80th and Fifth Avenue, the home known as the Woolworth mansion is currently listed with Christie’s for $90 million. The estate consists of the main residence, known as Winfield Hall; a large garage with remodeled living quarters; a main entrance arch; two greenhouses; and various landscape features including a tea house.

Updown Court
Sold in October 2011 for a reported $55 million, this Californian style residence sits in the Windlesham village in Surrey, England. The mansion includes 58 acres of landscaped gardens and woodland in addition to the 103 rooms. It is one the most expensive homes in Europe.

Spelling Manor
The Manor, also known as Spelling Manor, is a mansion located in the Holmby Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, California was built in 1988 for Aaron Spelling. It was sold for $85 million to heiress Petra Ecclestone.

Lyons Demesne
Lyons Demesne, also Lyons Estate, is a country house and estate in Lyons Hill, County Kildare, Ireland.It is the estate of discount airline Ryanair founder Tony Ryan, who reportedly spent $120 million restoring the property.

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