Luxury Italian Kitchen by Colombini Casa

Elegance meets versatility in a perfect mix with Colombini’s newest kitchen collection, Opera, the prestigious cooking unit with five style variations and an attention to design accents

Colombini Casa is the essence of solid and luxurious design, with an outstanding reputation for high-quality, Italian artisanship. Opera is their most recently launched kitchen model that highlights a romantic and sophisticated style with strong classical overtones that makes for an elegant and functional kitchen space. This new model offers a variety of luxurious finish combinations for the doors and several detailed handles that range in style from Provençale to country to luxury.

The flexibility in detail combinations allows an Opera kitchen that is customizable and embraces the basic elements of contemporary kitchen design. The Opera unit maximizes the space of the kitchen, putting to use every corner, drawer and cabinet. Under-top frames and over-top open elements are fundamental finishing and decorative features in this model to effectively and creatively use "dead" space, allowing for decoration and other personal touches. Opera also features a corner walk-in pantry with a broom cupboard, making storage easier in the room in the home where it is most needed. A glass door on the cupboard conceals the useful storage space while adding a stylish and polished effect.

Available exclusively at Finasi in Dubai, Opera is offered in five varying styles, each that boast a particular attention to detail. A Provençale flair can be seen in Opera01, with a Mediterranean elegance seen in its natural white finish and traditional plate rack with an intricately crafted rail. Opera02, instead, has postformed laminate worktops that are both chic, sturdy and easy to clean, offset by the traditional accents in this model, like the Epoca handle. Opera03 highlights the precise detail of Italian artisanship with its specially designed accessories. These include accessories made specifically for the sink as well as retro-style pewter Conchiglia handles for a country look set against a natural chalky finish.

Opera04 and Opera05 are the variations of the Colombini Casa kitchen that bring the ultimate luxury and grandeur into the kitchen area. Opera04 brings a rich flair with silvery doors and marble surfaces, as well as decorative mouldings and intricate small-pane glass doors. Opera05 is the “golden model” that features a change in mood all together as the color and finish of the same design and accessories is changed slightly. Gold and ivory transform this model, paired with extremely elaborate decorative mouldings and natural patterning of wood. These combinations that express Opera’s luxury gold version, are offset by the Allegra handle with crystals and glass doors with muntins.

Colombini Casa knows how to bring personal touch and luxurious taste to one kitchen model with varying combinations of luxury. The Italian designer with a longstanding reputation, Colombini represents accessible Italian artisanship that accentuates a mix of elegance and practicality. Opera by Colombini Casa is available exclusively in the UAE at Finasi.

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