The Spiral Stair that makes a colourful statement

The new spiral staircase by Italian designer, Fontanot, is turning heads and not just for its vivacious colours: with its avant-garde technology, it is the minimalist stair with simple and easy set up

Fontanot rings in the Spring season with a fitting colourful collection of spiral staircases called Clip. The Italian designer known for its mix of functionality and aesthetics, Fontanot has nailed the winning combination once again with this unique staircase. As with all the Fontanot staircase models, Clip is the product of extensive research and design that has come in response to the needs of the consumer: stress-free, DIY setup.

Fontanot has always been known for its minimalist DIY staircases with a stylish flair, and Clip is yet another addition to the family, but with a slightly new structure. The spiral staircase features a tread sleeve that is fastened to a solid steel central pole in a vice-like system so that the treads may be secured directly to the pole, without requiring spacers. This new design has made for a simplistic assembly that is the essence of minimalism for any room.

What once began as a small business making handcrafted staircases back in the 1940s, Fontanot has grown into an international force in the design sector, always known for one thing: being attentive to the ever-changing needs of the market. With this basic founding principle in mind, Clip was born, channeling a young, urban vibe with five vibrant new colors in a sleek varnished steel: blue, green, violet, white and orange. This fresh, lively collection is part of Fontanot’s user-friendly line of staircase kits with easy assembly. ‘Made in Italy’ has always been globally synonymous with exceptional quality as Fontanot proves with their line of indoor and outdoor spiral staircases. Clip is yet another testament to the long-standing legacy of high quality Italian design.

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