Easy Solutions To Maximize Your Small Space

When all you have is a small space, it can be difficult to figure out how to fit everything into it and still have room to be comfortable. Few of us could cope with a minimalist lifestyle. We like to have our favorite things around us and enjoy looking at beautiful objets d’art. Storage is a huge problem for small spaces, and so is fitting in conventional sized furniture. With a few clever ideas, you can turn your small space into a cozy room in your home. Check out some of our ideas for great ways to fit in:

Corner sofas - Maximize your space by buying a corner sofa instead of a suite. You can fit five or six people on a corner sofa that will only take up a fraction of the space of a conventional sized three piece suite. The great thing is, many corner sofas are available these days in a wide range of colors, fabrics and styles. Some even recline, but that may be pushing it when it comes to your tiny space! Take comfort on a comfortable corner sofa to fit into your small living room.

Storage - Maximize your storage space, by building your shelving and cupboards into those hard to reach corners that would otherwise be wasted space. Use the understairs, upper walls for extra areas that would ordinarily be wasted. Choose shelves for those little things you want to see and flat panel cupboards for all those things you don’t want on display. If you’re not using the fireplace, why not convert the chimney breast into extra storage too? Hang storage solutions from the ceiling in hammocks or fabric pockets.

Expandable furniture - There are many tables out there that can be folded away until needed. This frees up so much space for your day to day living, but still allows you to entertain when you have guests. Go even further with a foldaway bed if you live in a small studio. Anything that can be folded up out of your way gives you a great deal more floor space to work with during the day.

Corner units - Corner cupboards can be very handy with rotating storage shelves. Maximize that corner space with one of these, so you can use every spare inch you have in your kitchen or living area. Even bathrooms can make use of these things if you are squeezed into a corner location. Hanging storage baskets draped over the shower screen also provides you with more places to store your shampoos and things in tiny bathrooms.

Use mirrors - Mirrors are great for checking your hair is tidy, but they are also rather handy for giving the illusion of a bigger space. They reflect light too to maximize all the available natural light from windows, as well as artificial light from your light fittings. This can save you a lot of money in electricity. While too many mirrors may start sending you a bit loopy, one or two carefully placed could make the world of difference to your small space.

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