How To Have A Good Spring Clean

Owning a beautiful home doesn’t come cheap. It costs us in both time and money. It is also quite costly on our energy levels keeping it looking immaculate. Sometimes there just isn’t the time to keep everything quite in its place, and eventually we find that we have far more clutter than we expected. Whether you are moving home, going for a new minimalist look or just trying to make space for your next shopping spree, it may be time for a spring clean.

Spring cleaning is just a term to describe a thorough clear out and clean up. We don’t have to do it just in the spring period, but it is common that after the winter we can get outside and shake all the old rugs out! Having a good spring clean occurs at least once a year, but for most of us with young families and limited space, it is necessary to do this more often. Spring cleaning can be great fun even if it is hard work. You can dig out all those old memories and reminisce. You can also get rid of all those old clothes you haven’t worn for years too!

If you are about to embark on a good clear out, you may need to search online for rubbish removal Perth or wherever you live. It is unlikely you will be able to convince your local refuse collectors to take bulky items off the kerbside! Hiring someone to pick up the clutter and take it away saves you fines from your local authority for leaving waste on the street or fly tipping. It certainly is better for the environment and your neighbor’s view!

Typical items that end up being removed from your home during a spring clean include:

old and new appliances you never use,
old and new clothes you never wear, and
old toys your kids have long forgotten.

Old paperwork and documents can be picked up, burnt, shredded or securely disposed of by your preferred waste management company. Sometimes you want to clear out old furniture. This can be donated to charitable organisations who resell them to raise funds.

A good spring cleaning session can take an entire weekend. You may want to take down all the curtains and blinds to clean them. Ceiling fans are often dismantled to clean as well. Window frames may need a good clean, and any carpets may be washed. Clearing out cupboards may require some floor space, so wash the carpets last. Some people take the spring cleaning even further and touch up the paintwork as well.

However much or however little you do during your spring clean, it does do wonders for you to declutter psychologically. Letting go of some of your treasured possessions may be very hard, but sometimes it is a necessary sacrifice to make more space. If you have children, they do tend to take over your house and need every spare cupboard you have. It may take a weekend, but potentially you won’t need to do that much again, for another year.

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