A creative office design for Science Center Medical Technology

Called the Science Center Medical Technology and can be found at Potsdamer Platz, this office is one of the representatives of Otto Bock HealthCare GmbH, a renowned medical technology company from Germany.
The design of the structure was made in collaboration with the owners from Otto Bock, the designers from Gnädinger Architects and the media designers from Art+ Com. The project has an unique approach, being the first of its kind. The touch of genius is the insertion of an exhibition that invites us to discover the world of medical technology.
 It`s interesting how people come up with original designs. For example, let`s take the façade of the building. It was inspired from the idea of human muscle fibers and the people from Gnädinger has to wrap the six storey building in a sort of an amorphous façade, taking into consideration the fact that the structure of the building is made of reinforced concrete.
 The building combines two different concepts: high-tech and nature,but there is no trace of unbalanced architecture. The exterior is white and made of organic materials that make the building look like a human muscle fiber and this idea suggests the complexity of the human body as well as the complexity of this architectural design and the processes that the company handles. Aluminum and glass were used to create the outer shell of the building-this being an unique point in favour of a new style in architecture for Berlin.The surrounding building fit a traditional pattern,they`re made either of stone or of glass.

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