A soothing interior and stunning landscape of an beautiful apartment

 A soothing interior and stunning exterior landscape make the unique in design of this Palm Beach Tower home.
A white canvas with splashes of vibrant hues is what makes this home so dynamic, comfortable, and unique. Caribbean blue accents with Shabby Chic and modernistic furnishings makes the coastline view from the floor to ceiling windows even more amazing. Crisp whites combined with various textures grants just the right amount of diversity without taking away from the theme of the décor throughout the home.
In the living room, natural materials like wicker and wood creates a natural vibe in the environment that is relaxing and tranquil. A set of multi-hued patterned cushions, recessed and suspended lighting, and a textured accent rug all come together beautifully creating a welcoming, lived-in feeling.
A welcoming sofa set with a neon-blue full-length cushion, large pillows, placed against a white wall coupled with distinctive artwork, is a semblance of traditional old-fashioned beach home style, with touches of avant-garde accents, such as the bubbled rug and straight design of the laid-back seating.
The loft like space starting from the living room extending to the front glass door with a view of the waterfront is magnificent. Each corner, wall, and floor area is used perfectly without interrupting the flow of the décor and the movement of the living space. The aqua-blue storage area, huge floor pillows, and other blue accents with a hint of vibrant lemon yellow mimic the ocean’s dazzling blues and the beauty of nature. The vibrant yellow imitates the magnificent hue of the dazzling sun. The staircase off the kitchen area emanates a country barn-door type setting, while the decorative ceiling medallion complements the rest of the space.

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