Perfect ideas for outside seating

Design the perfect outdoors or living space is the dream of all designers as well as owners. That task related to create appealing focal points along with visual and geometric contrast.
If you using too much of the same furniture or the same ways of furniture, it might be boring. That is precisely the case with backyards and patios that are completely flat. Ever seen how your deck space acquires a whole new charm when you simply add a new level to it with a few of steps? Even a refreshing Jacuzzi with a couple of steps can make a big difference to the whole visual. But sunken seating takes this idea to a whole new level by creating an inimitable, cozy, and often private backyard lounge.
 Sunken and raised areas bring a sense of excitement to the outdoors and add a hint of playfulness. They also help define individual spaces in a large area, and sunken seating is the perfect way to make the outdoor lounge the central attraction of the landscape. Here are some stunning and wide-ranging inspirations that take it a step down to elevate the aesthetics up a notch or two!

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